I'm a Ruby on Rails developer finishing up a six-month intensive web development program in Denver called gSchool, run by Jeff Casimir and Jumpstart Lab. I am eager to match my talents with a company in Boston.

In particular, I'm looking for a team that invests in the growth of its employees and contributes to open source. As a junior developer, it's also important to me that I find a collaborative environment that encourages pair-programming, and follows test-driven and iterative product development.

Eloquent Ruby Feb 17

I found Olsen’s description of the difference between symbols and strings to be helpful. His basic point here is that strings are used to hold some data that we are processing and that symbols are used to ‘stand for’ something. It was helpful to know that there can only ever be one instance of any given symbol, whereas setting two variables equal to the same string does not make them the same object. Knowing this basic difference of strings and symbols will help me know when to use one instead of the other.

Being new to programming and to the idea of object oriented design, I found Olsen...

SalesEngine & Becoming a Developer Feb 15

Week three of gSchool and we are in the thick of the SalesEngine project. The project itself has been working my brain, and the pairing process has added an interesting social dimension to the project. As a person that is still fresh in the coding game I think that the pairing process has been, on the whole, a good thing for me. My pair is more knowledgeable than I am about programming and Ruby and he has been good about making sure I get what we are doing on any given step before we move forward to the next. Of course, even with his explanations and patience, I still don’t fully ‘get’ everything...

Intentionality Feb 10

There were many aspects of ‘The Passionate Programmer’ that I liked. One among them was the “Act on it!” section with which Fowler concluded each section of his book. This was an important element insofar as it helped set a tone of intentionality upon which the rest of his thoughts were built. Fowler’s take on life and career development is underpinned by philosophical references, musical metaphors, and his thoughts on love, passion, and progress. He balances this with recurrent actionable suggestions aimed at ‘materializing’ the aforementioned musings. I think that ‘intentionality’ is one...

Event Reporter Retrospective Feb 8

The Event Reporter project introduced us to writing a program that would load a csv file, parse it’s data, and allow the user to searching specific items within the data file.

My primary goal with this project was to get the basic functions working and to understand how I got them working. Refactoring and extensions were a secondary goal. Given that this was my second week really working with code, I was happy that, in the end and with the help of my peers along the way, my program accomplished the basic requirements and that I felt like I could explain the basic logic of the code.

I was...

Getting Initialized Feb 3

So far, I have enjoyed reading “The Passionate Programmer.” Being a musician myself (percussionist) makes Fowler’s musical analogies resonate with me in a personal way. That being said, his suggestion of ‘Be the Worst’ resonates with my experience in the University of Notre Dame Marching Band. Having never taken drum lessons prior to college, reading drum music was something that I did not know how to do, and, despite my desire to walk on to the drumline, was required to get in the band. So, without much of a clue about reading music, I tried out for the band, and after making it through...