Individual Project Retrospecive

Reflecting on my personal project, I did not build features super quickly, and I collaborated with others more often than I expected too. It was nice to be on my own schedule, but it was challenging to solve some of the problems on my own, and found myself getting stuck on little things more often than I have when working in groups and pairing on things. This makes me feel that I would fit well in a professional situation that allowed me both to pair and to work independently.

Throughout the process I was a bit self-conscious that my product was not complex enough. However, I also love what I am building and plan to continue working on it. My mentor, who works for Pivotal Labs, and some of the gSchool teachers told me that I shouldn’t worry about my app being simple, that ‘simple’, well written, functioning software that serves it’s purpose and adds value is in many ways better than something that is ‘complex’ and doesn’t really serve a purpose or add value. My app makes both discovering public art and documenting public art easy to do with just a few clicks. The higher purpose that the app aims to fulfill is helping people discover a new sense of uniqueness and place about their community by viewing it through a different lens. Our theory is that a greater awareness of public art will cultivate a greater awareness of other aspects of one’s community. For example, noticing the mom and pop store front of an Indian spice shop that you never noticed before looking for the art pieces. Walking into that spice shop and walking out with something new to cook with and the store owner as a new friend.

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