The Handshake

FeedEngine has been a tough project so far. There are a number of new things that we have to learn to make this project successful, namely, how to handshake with other applications via APIs. We are building an application that facilitates group running by allowing users to organize group runs with their twitter followers. It then integrates with RunKeeper to allow users to view statistics of those individuals in the group who use RunKeeper. We have successfully linked up with Twitter and RunKeeper, and now probably the biggest challenges that we have taken on is making our app into a single page app, using Backbone JS. A fellow teammate and I have taken on the front-end development with Backbone, and while I think we are getting the hang of it, it is still very new, challenging, and thus risky. But hey!, would we ever learn it if we didn’t take the risk to learn it?…maybe not. One of the first things we learned in gSchool is to celebrate failure. We, obviously don’t want to be failures, but the point is that time spent learning something new and trying to be innovative in employing a new idea or technology is not necessarily time wasted even it the final ‘product’ ends up getting thrown away. There is a distinct possibility that we don’t have everything working by the time demos roll around next week. Of course, we don’t plan to crash and burn, and if we do get everything wired up through backbone, there is a distinct possibility that our app will stand out among the group as one of the best.

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