The Turn Around

This week had been good practice in focusing on quality of features rather than quantity. It seems as though last project many groups cut one corner or another to push more features rather than delivering fewer features of higher quality. In my last group we decided not to focus on testing as much as we should have. This time around my group has learned the lesson of what it means to inherit that untested code. That is, the product was fragile and we had to spend the last couple of days fixing and writing new tests. the upside of fixing these tests is that it helped us understand the code a lot better, and made us catch a number of bugs. The downside is that we could not easily build on the code in the state that we inherited it without first doing a lot of work to fix what was broken. For this project’s first iteration we narrowed our focus of features to deliver so that we can deliver a well tested and user friendly product. In Jeff’s words “It’s better to deliver half an app than a half-assed app.”

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