One Month, Five to Go

One month into gSchool and I am feeling pretty good. Considering that I started with no background in coding I feel that I have definitely made some good progress. However, despite feeling a little more confident with the basics of Ruby, it is still a bit hard to envision myself doing this professionally in only 5 months. Don’t get me wrong, that’s still the goal and I will get there, but right now, when put on the spot writing code, whether its a daily warm up or working with a partner on a project I often feel nervous and slow. Sometimes I even feel like “Damn, maybe I should have just stuck with design.” After a moment of thinking this way I will usually remind myself that challenging myself, stretching myself, tapping into another part of my brain is a GOOD THING. This kind of growth experience is, well, just that, a growth experience. It is helping me expand not only my skillset, which will help me professionally, but also my understanding of the world and the way information and logic play a role in our lives. There is so much to learn about programming, and being a highly visual learner, it is hard to come to grips with the fact that there is so much about technology that can’t be ‘seen.’ Thus, there might always be a degree of mystery and magic to this tech world. It’s simultaneously scary and fascinating.

Regarding our first individual skills evaluation on Monday, I don’t expect that I will be coding at lighting speed. Assuming that the evaluation will be similar to our daily warm ups, I hope to be able to at least get some of the basic elements of the problem solved, even if it has to be long-form and ‘dirty.’ I think one of my strengths in life is my ability to think critically. That being said, on Monday’s evaluation I will likely be able to talk out the problem and maybe speak out a solution. My weakness will be quickly translating this cerebral analysis into Ruby code. This is kind of like writers block, where I have an idea of how to approach something but struggle with getting ink on paper, or in this case code on the computer.

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